• Empowering individuals


  • Future Projects

    We aim to improve the lives of physically impaired individuals through the use of technology and design.



    1. Prosthetic for Jason Chee

    Jason Chee is a navy serviceman who lost his limbs in an accident aboard his ship

    We are looking into prosthetic technologies in the hopes of making Jason's life easier, be it in his workplace or his daily life.

    2. Designing disabled-friendly furnitures

    We believe that helping the disabled is not limited to prosthetic technology. Specially designed furniture can go a long way in making their daily lives easier.

    3. Making affordable prosthetics

    Although prosthetics are now widely available, they are still expensive and unaffordable, especially for low income families. Coupled with expensive medical bills in treatment for the loss of limbs, the disabled may not be able to afford such luxury. We look towards changing that and allowing everyone a chance to live a comfortable life!

  • Our Team

    We are a group of students from Singapore University of Technology and Design who are passionate about helping people with technology.

    Vincent Setiawan

    Vincent is on a journey of finding his passion in life. He believes that if you are passionate at what you do, you do not have to work a single day. He loves to read to gain new knowledge and find ways to improve himself.

    Yos Yohannes

    Yos Yohannes is very passionate about bioengineering. He would love to help others medically with engineering skills. He is doing this project in hope of gaining more experience in the field.

    Tan Zhi En

    Zhi-en has a passion for engineering and is interested in medical biology. He is able to combine both of these fields and help others as well through the building of prosthetics.

    Liu Hao Wen

    Hao Wen believes that the power of technology can transform lives and wanted to do something to help others with the aid of technology. Through this project, she hopes to be able to gain a better understanding of the difficulties that people with disabilities face and be able to make a positive change in their lives.

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